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This is currently a 2 player, PC only game I am prototyping. I'd like some feedback to see how it feels so far.  I'll be updating as I progress.

Objective: Collect fruit and place them in the red box at the top. Collect and deliver the most to win.

Main GamePad Controls: Xbox/PS4 Controller
    - D-PAD move 
    - A/"Cross" collect/pickup
    - B/"Circle" attack/throw:

Secondary Keyboard Controls: 
Player 1
    - WASD move 
    - E collect/pickup
    - F attack/throw
Player 2 
    - ARROW KEYS move
    - NUMPAD 0 (ZERO) collect/pickup
    - RIGHT CONTROL attack/throw

UPDATES 05/20/18: 

  • Added new rock item that stuns player for a while
  • Added new crow enemy that steals and eats fruit
  • Added shake effect
  • Beehives can be broken open with sticks
  • Fixed win condition to include fruit being added to box as last second
  • Fixed issue with stick not hitting other players.


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Project Harvest-Default- 2 MB